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Prachi Saini Garg

Mrs Prachi Saini Garg is a Director at Je T’aime Perfumery. She started this with the vision of bringing the mysterious art of perfume design to a wider audience. Prior to following her passion in designing signature scents, she worked for nearly 10 years in USA, UK, Hongkong and India.

Now based in Singapore, she works together with her team to host fragrance workshops, where consumers can discover and create their own signature scents.

Aside from leading these intimate workshop sessions, Prachi also works closely with artists to create “Olfactory Art”. She is also recreating smells of "Original Orchids of Singapore"

She graduated from the Indian Institute of Technology (Roorkee) in 1997, and has a Masters in Building Engineering & Management from the School of Planning & Architecture. She also holds an MBA from the University of Hong Kong / London Business School.


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