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Pauliina Salmenhaara

As a TheraChef, Pauliina Salmenhaara combines the benefits of alternative therapies and raw food for well-being inside out. She believes that well-being is just as much about what we put into our bodies as what we put onto our bodies, be it food, thoughts or products. Pauliina's raw food workshops, green cleanses and menu upgrades incorporate her background in natural therapies to bring additional avenues towards well-being.

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R.A.W Inside Out is my lifestyle, and my lifestyle is my business. It is, afterall, a lifestyle business. Puns aside, I put my best effort into having integrity and sincerity in my work, so that I don’t make unrealistic recommendations for my clients.

I aim to be grounded in reality, and my mottoes “whole over perfect” and “chill over obsessive” are reflective of this.

I am a vegan chef speciliased in raw foods, a practitioner of ancient healing techniques, a workshop and retreat host, and a public speaker.


rawio_1.jpgAs a vegan chef:

I host private events combining mindfully delicious dining with meaningful and authentic conversations.

As a practitioner:

Clients come to me for energetic release and empowerment, gaining clarity and life purpose.

As a host:

through a process of creating vision boards, I help you find your life purpose. You can visually see your dreams, and establish a practice of working towards that.

As a speaker:

I eagerly connect with audiences over topic related to plant-based cuisine, six sense living, mindfulness, and networking. I have spoken in smaller, more intimate settings, and larger events.


I do what I do because I see those who are already living the so-called mindful lifestyle, they want to connect with others in a space conducive to authentic conversations. They want to enjoy food that takes into consideration their allergies, intolerance or preferences with understanding and expertise.

Then there are some who feel stuck, they've lost their sense of who they are, while other clients have been at the point of depression, and there are those who simply need to relax, or come for an energy boost.



The guidance I offer is based on personal experiences, and I never dish anything out as an absolute. We have to be accepting of our circumstances beyond a certain point of effort, and non-judgmental when we’ve given something our best effort.

Whether it is food, a retreat, a workshop, or resolving life-purpose, I help guide you into healing. A healing love with food that is holistically good for you. A relaxing, healing retreat which restores and refreshes. I live to speak healing to others, and enjoy even more when genuine conversation takes place among clients from all walks of life.

At the junction of the delicious, the sensual, and the mindful.

Host a Six Sense Dinner with your own private vegan chef.



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