“What do I do best? That I can do for others?” I believe this is what life is all about. And for me, what I think I do best, is photography.



Wildlife Photography (A Walk on the Wild Side) for Africa Media, 
Adventure (Underwater) Photography for Adele Duxton, 
Lifestyle (Event) Photography for PIAS


Ironically, I grew up running away from cameras. I didn’t like being in pictures. I didn’t like how forced the pictures looked. I ended up hiding behind cameras, offering to take the pictures - occasionally being distracted by the passing by cat.


As I learned more about different kinds of photography, and sought a style to define my photography by, lifestyle photography really captivated me, because it looked so natural. Animals were my first subjects, not being camera shy.


Photographing subjects in real life situations, events or milestones, in an artistic manner, involving a slight degree of posing subjects or rearrangement of items, to encapsulate a certain mood, feel or vibe is what lifestyle photography is all about.



Lifestyle Pre-wedding with Animals @ Noah’s Ark, Malaysia

When the time came to pick a brand name to go by, crossing the words Wildlife & Lifestyle to WILD x LIFE x STYLE, though seemingly worlds apart, seemed to describe what I wanted people to remember me and my photography with, just about perfectly.


Wildlife Photography (Dyrehaven) for project Animal Encounter World Tour
Adventure (Underwater) Photography for Adele Duxton
Lifestyle (Interior) Photography for Venuerific / Cook & Brew / West In


Dedicating my heart and soul to perfecting my craft, being flexible and service orientated, to the level of being able to produce next day photo highlights to satisfy our time’s craving for anything and everything ASAP, facilitating the photo > print process for today’s busy bees.



Polished Delivery System, Lifestyle (Event) Photography for Woolf Works
Lifestyle (Event) Photography for Key Person of Influence




Keepsake Albums, Lifestyle (Special Occasion) Photography, ie. birthdays


I am happy to have built a name for myself doing what I love, winning recognition in photo competitions by Canon, National Geographic / Nikon, for my creativity, wildlife, and lifestyle photography.



Part of Light & Life Photo Competition 2015 Winners Exhibition by Nat Geo / Nikon
On my way to Alice Springs, Australia for work for IN.Genius


Being flown all over South East Asia and even to South Africa, New York and Australia for exciting work, ie. as official photographer for IN.Genius’s Space for Singapore project, with the aim of sending our 1st Singaporean to Space, with photos exhibited at Resorts World Sentosa, Wisma Atria.



Adventure (Documentary) Photography Exhibited by IN.Genius @ Wisma Atria
Project Animal Encounter World Tour Site


Being featured both online and in print as one of Singapore’s 10 Hottest Female Entrepreneurs & Leaders to Watch in 2016 by Singapore Business Review for my project Animal Encounter World Tour, where fellow animal lovers can discover a go-to directory of experiences with animals with respectable ethics.


In a nutshell, these are the various kinds of photography I do for forward thinking individuals, brands & businesses that understand that photography is essentially their brand image, or all they might have to remember something by:




Lifestyle (Pet) Photography @ Sentosa
Going on my first Underwater Photography assignment in Malapascua, Philippines with Adele Duxton
Lifestyle (Wedding) Photography @ Fullerton


I photograph wildlife, people who love animals, pets
– have been requested to do pre-weddings with animals / Wild Engagements

I document adventures, am dedicated to providing a variety of angles
   to the point of getting proficient in Underwater & Aerial photography

I do visual justice to important subjects, events, milestones, in an artistic way
- to represent a brand, capture a personal special occasion, ie. wedding


Followed by facilitation to get the photography work commissioned printed, ie. as keepsake albums, if so desired.


Take a step into my world @ http://wildlifestyle.co, let me bring you places, tell you stories, and show you what it’s like to have exceptional photography to represent or remember something by.




Email: hello@wildlifestyle.co

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