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Martha Chaudhry

Martha Chaudhry (L.M.P.A.) is a Singapore-based photographer with 18 years of experience in Asia, the U.S. and U.K. Her expansive work includes portraiture, commercial and fine art photography. Martha's portraits and illustrative work have won multiple awards: her contemporary style is rooted in storytelling and sought by clients throughout the region. Martha has participated in many group exhibitions in Singapore and uses her photography continuously to assist and highlight important regional, social issues. Recently, she was featured in a Channel NewsAsia documentary series called Asia Exposed 2, where her portrait and storytelling skills were employed to draw attention to the travesty of child sex trafficking in southeast Asia. She now leads a group of dedicated indivuals in Singapore and the U.S. who support Homeland Cambodia, the NGO featured in the documentary which runs a center and outreach programs supporting children rescued from the sex trade and other abuses. Martha's personal fine art work explores the transience of identity, and often works with discarded imagery. Martha has trained extensively in the US, UK, Canada, Spain and Singapore and holds Licentiate qualifications with the Master Photographer’s Association (MPA) in the U.K. She is pursing a Master of Fine Arts with LaSalle College of the Arts at present. Her studio is in Dunearn Estate, Singapore. Contact Martha here.


Award-winning photographer and artist, Martha Chaudhry is owner and founder of Martha Chaudhry Photography, with studios based in Singapore, London and Hong Kong since 1997.

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Specializes in artful, branded, personal photography for entrepreneurs and business owners and iconic family photography. Martha also designs gallery-worthy, customized art installations from clients' own photo archives, for discerning clients who see family as art and want an alternative to the static family wall portrait.

Her fine art work is rooted in photography, and often appropriates images from the global archive as a palette. Processes of fragmentation and reconstruction characterize her works, which explore themes of simultaneity, transience and belonging.



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The Athena Network Singapore - Executive Member
Master Photographer's Association (LMPA)
LaSalle College of the Arts (MFA 2016)
Caring For Cambodia
Key Of Influence - Pitchfest Photographer


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