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Marra Hensby

Marra has been working within the environmental management and sustainability arena for over six years. Having started her career in North America, she has since travelled to Australia and South East Asia to shape large multinationals' corporate responsibility policies working with global brands such as Home Depot and Williams-Sonoma.

Marra left the corporate world in 2015 to start Balanced Impact, a Singapore based consulting company working with SME's, NGOs and entrepreneurs to assist them with shaping and implementing their environmental strategies. She also founded My Pure Earth, which focuses on inspiring people to live a more sustainable, low-impact lifestyle in their homes.

With a background in environmental management and sustainability, and armed with a Masters degree in Environmental Management, Marra is working to inspire everyone from large corporations to small families to rethink how they can reduce their carbon footprint and live a healthier, chemical free lifestyle.


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