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Louisa Lee

Louisa Lee is the Managing Director of DP Dental. DP Dental's experienced team are committed to practicing minimally invasive dentistry. They say that there is simply nothing that can fully match the functionality of your natural teeth; therefore, are dedicated to finding the simplest, most effective solution to a dental problem that preserves as much tooth structure as possible. Louisa also manages Dental ED South East Asia which provides top-notch dental education for the top dentists in the region and an advisory board member of the Imagine Cambodia Foundation. Contact Louisa at DP Dental here.


At DP Dental we are devoted to providing comprehensive care to our patients. Our doctors strive to uncover the cause of your oral health problems with consideration to your teeth, gums, jaw and bite position.

We believe that in order to lay a solid foundation for optimal long term health and appearance, it is essential for us to treat the tooth as a part of the whole body.

Our experienced dental team is committed to practicing minimally invasive dentistry. We feel that there is simply nothing that can fully match the functionality of your natural teeth; therefore, we are dedicated to finding the simplest, most effective solution to a dental problem that preserves as much tooth structure as possible.


As healthcare providers, we feel that it is our duty to educate and inform our patients of their health status and available dental treatment options. We recognize that only a well-informed patient can make important decisions regarding the health care they receive, and maintain the level of oral health beyond our practice.

Our commitment to our patients constantly motivates us to meet and exceed current standards of care. Our doctors and staff stay abreast of the latest technology and most innovative techniques through continual education, allowing us to offer you the most advanced, comfortable, exquisite and safe treatments available.

Our Practice


DP Dental is a progressive dental practice situated in the suburbs of Singapore. However, we have never let our location hamper us from delivering world-class dentistry. You can find the latest technological advancements in our practice, such as CEREC Omnicam and LASER that we have carefully selected that have helped us to advance our core value of being minimally invasive and for patient comfort. While we are incredibly progressive, we are also incredibly conservative. We believe that your own tooth structure is the best that you can ever have and that nothing man-made can ever be better. We believe in being minimally invasive in our treatment and we look to educate our patients on the importance of prevention. 


We believe in being progressive dental practitioners and therefore, we always look out for ways to do things better. Our dentists always attend courses both in Singapore and overseas to keep themselves updated to the latest dental treatment knowledge and the latest dental technology to enable themselves to provide the optimal treatment for our patients.


We also believe that our support team play an important part in the overall patient-care experience too, therefore, we regularly send our dental assistants and patient relations team to attend courses to gain knowledge and skills essential for their job to be able to provide high-quality service and high standard of dental care for our patients.


8 Ways To Contact Us:


Telephone: (65) 6282 0122

WhatsApp: (65) 9012 8562 

SMS: (65) 9662 7794 


LiveChat with us 



Schedule an Appointment: Appointment Request

Contact us via our Facebook Page via our LiveChat or Leave us a Private Message

Email us:

For enquiries on your dental issues or appointments:  enquiries@dpdental.com.sg

For Feedback and suggestion: feedback@dpdental.com.sg

For Dental Suppliers' Contact: dsa@dpdental.com.sg

For Job Application: careers@dpdental.com.sg


Visit us at our Location:

DP Dental 205 Hougang St 21 #03-06-09, Heartland Mall (Kovan MRT) Singapore 530205


Our Operating Hours:

Mon - Thu      10 AM - 9 PM

Fri                    10 AM - 6 PM

Sat - Sun        10 AM - 5 PM

*We are closed on public holidays



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