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Khatiza Van Savage

Khatiza is the Founder and Chief Happiness Architect at  Insightful Learning Journeys, which was founded to facilitate learning to Reflect, Innovate and Reframe, thereby empowering individuals and teams to create Communities of Practice for Mindful Happiness.

Khatiza is an Organizational Development Consultant / Coach specializing in the areas of Leadership and Team development in alignment with Strategy. Her consulting career began with designing and developing content and processes for implementation within educational Institutions and Organizations. She has since applied her skills with diverse organizations in many regions.


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Insightful Learning Journeys immerses you in conscious learning journeys to stimulate deep personal inquiry and create mindful insights which help:

Define the values and practices for Mindful Happiness
Create Communities of Practice which sustain the ripple effect of Mindful Happiness for Organization, Individuals and Communities.


Our Vision and Mission is to:

Be the catalyst for transformation in organizations and individuals.

Create Communities of Practice which multiply Happiness.


Our Values represent a commitment to your learning with integrity, respect, trust and dependability while preserving the collective values of all stakeholders.

Our distinct learning journeys represent:

Retreats for Mindful Self Leadership Development.

Volunteering for Mindful Innovation



We serve the needs of organizations and individuals who seek to become catalysts for change - Executive leaders, Women Professionals and Entrepreneurs, University students and faculty seeking to develop self leadership skills and become catalysts for change.


We demonstrate our commitment to social responsibility by channeling a portion of our net profits towards sustainable development initiatives to a community selected by the participants.




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