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Kareen Lai

Founder of Mums In Sync and a mum to a pair of twins, Kareen is on a mission to shape up the nation one mother at a time. She is passionate about helping mummies stay in tip-top shape so that they can inspire their children to be the same. Kareen is a fitness presenter, a women’s fitness specialist consultant and winner of the Singapore Mumpreneur Award 2014.


At Mums In Sync, we run fitness and nutrition programs that help mummies get into tip top shape. We specialise in helping postnatal mummies start getting comfortable wearing their bikinis again.

Award-winning Kareen Lai is the Director and Head Coach at Mums In Sync.

She developed the Core Connection™ framework and the Sexy Fit™ framework to help mummies at different stages of motherhood restore their bodies and confidence in appropriate manners.


Core Connection™ Workshop

This is the essential postnatal healing program that all mummies need to attend to learn to restore their core in a safe and adequate manner after pregnancy. No sit-ups to get rid of the mummy tummy!


Sexy Fit™ Mummy Workshop

Based strongly on the Sexy Fit™ framework, we believe that every mum can become Sexy Fit as long as you know exactly how to move right, eat right and think right!

If you are ready to embark on a life-channging journey to become a Sexy, Fit Mummy, you need to be speaking to us.


18 Again Mock Book

Find out more about  Mums In Sync here!


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