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Daisy Teh

Daisy Teh is the founder of Margaret Stanley Language Consultancy, where she is the principal consultant. She is known as “The Asian English Language Expert for Asian Businesses” and “The Simple English Guru”. She advocates simple, authentic communication for businesses and has coached hundreds of undergraduates from Business Schools in two of Singapore’s leading universities on the art of strategic business writing and delivering persuasive oral presentations. Connect with Daisy Below.

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Daisy Teh is the founder of Margaret Stanley Language Consultancy where she is the principal consultant in English Language consulting.

Daisy believes in two core guiding principles in business communication – fluency and accuracy, the bases for her consulting practice. She is aptly named as the Asian English Language expert for springboarding businesses through effective communication practices.

With 15 years of experience in teaching and coaching individuals develop their competency in the English Language in speaking, writing and communication, Daisy offers expert advice to enhance their professional credibility, step-up their businesses and boost their influence.

margaret stanley gallery 2Daisy is also a teaching consultant at Nanyang Business School (NTU) and an adjunct faculty at the Lee Kong Chian School of Business (LKCSB), SMU. She coaches undergraduates on strategic business writing and structuring powerful and persuasive presentations. More recently, she was a nominee for the “Most Outstanding Adjunct” award in SMU’s Teaching and Research Excellence Awards in 2013. She has also been on the Dean’s Teaching Honour Roll for the top 10 adjunct faculty in LKCSB for the past three years.

Margaret Stanley Language Consultancy is named after Daisy’s resilient mother (Margaret) and late father (Stanley). It is a tribute to both her parents for having nurtured and developed her passion and mastery in the English Language.

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0900 – 1700hrs

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Daisy Teh

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