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Avalyn Lim

With 20 years of corporate experience in strategy, sales, marketing & branding; and 15 years in personal development and alternative therapies, I am the Founder of The Light Quotient, where I coach women executives and entrepreneurs to achieve lasting change through Integrated Coaching. I also co-own a video production house called Intuitive Films.

My focus is on working with individuals seeking balance between their multiple roles & responsibilities, striving to be their best, while seeking their true self. My customized coaching helps clients gain greater clarity around their life and business goals, and to achieve them quickly and more effortlessly.


I seek to be truly illuminating and to bring openness and light into the lives and work of others. That’s why the name of my company is The Light Quotient! I love to bridge people, ideas and action to bring about a wonderful way of being.
From a love of personal development and making a difference in people’s outlooks and lives came a life-changing combination of coaching and energy work, which fueled me to action.

My approach to coaching is holistic and looks at the whole person, rather than just the issues or problems. If one part of your life (tangible or not) is not working, that affects everything!

What I Do

I focus on coaching for female executives and entrepreneurs, using a combination of coaching and transformational tools, as well as energy work to:

  • Clarify and define your outcomes. 
  • Find a purpose for what you want to achieve or change.
  • Set an action plan in motion.
  • Open yourself to new possibilities.

ENERGY WORK: I use Pranic Healing®, Reiki, Magnified Healing®, Feng Shui, Access Bars® and other complementary techniques. My work comes from training with Masters from a combined lineage of over 100 years and is used to:

  • Get deeper into layers of conscious and subconscious emotional and energetic blocks so they can be cleared.
  • Create more impactful, faster breakthroughs in all areas of your life.

My ultimate goal is to support others in achieving a “Beautiful State” in which they see life as happening “for them”, rather than “to them”.

Plus, I want my clients to have the tools to become self-generating and self-empowering, so that they know that they can apply energy work in any aspect of their lives, anytime, anywhere.



Why Work With Me?

I walk the talk. Everything that I use in my work has been the result of personal development work that I have undergone in the past 15 years, as well as life experience. I focus my coaching on women because I know what it’s like to juggle marriage, a family, career, grad school, chronic health challenges, financial issues, emotional issues … because I am living it.

If you’re in the middle of your life, be it mid-career, mid-life, mid-family and are feeling stuck or know that you need a change in direction or focus to feel fulfilled and re-invirgorated, write to me and I would love the opportunity to help you rediscover your spark.





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