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Anna Flinn

After 15 years of being a stellar corporate citizen and management consultant, Joanne decided to get a life. 12 years on, three books, keynotes, awards she is now Anna, Founder of Life Off the Ladder and Booth Aster, the contemporary artist. In her words ‘Joanne is the persona I put on for corporate life, now I enjoy living as me.’ Off the ladder, life is about integration. As Anna, she helps women (and men) who are ready to the move from ‘ladder’ to life. As Booth, she explores transitions and transformations vibrantly through visual media and performance installation art. There is always more life possible. It simply takes transformation. This is the process of Life Off the Ladder. Joanne: I bring structure to transformation that comes from being as project mentor for successful strategic change through the people, processes and performance of change. I did the yards: BEc/LLB, Grad Dip Finance & Investment, MSc in Consulting & Coaching for Change jointly run by HÉC Paris and Saïd Oxford. Corporate Clients include: IBM, Novartis, EY, Bank Julius Bäer, HKJC, P&G. At Executive Lifestyle, I as Anna share the real journey of life off the ladder.


My job at Sarah Whyte Consulting is to use my knowledge and expertise in the field of emotional intelligence to create transformational change, benefitting both the group and the individual. Emotional intelligence (or EQ) is a measure of a person’s ability to process thoughts and feelings, and turn them into action. The higher the level of emotional intelligence, the more empowered the individual to make informed decisions and to act in an engaged and balanced way. In an environment where high emotional intelligence is valued, everyone gains–leaders, team players, teachers and students. I show people how to access the power of emotional intelligence through the practical application of personal skills. I operate in partnership with Six Seconds, the leading global company committed to creating positive change through the skills of emotional intelligence.

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On Monday, Meaning, Morning, And Money

Am I on a ladder? It’s a Monday. I do my ‘am I on a ladder?’ test. I had to develop a ladder test because I found that some are obvious. Others are



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