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Angelyn Teo

Angelyn Teo is a beauty coach and a therapeutic healer. She is also the owner of The Holistic Place by Aromaworks, a skin care haven with a holistic approach, specialising in intuitive customised therapy that believes in 100% touch approach with no machine involved. As a woman and a healer, she strongly believes in loving yourself inside and out. Having grown with a family involved in the beauty business, she has learned a lot about the secrets and techniques of the trade. To kickstart her passion for it, she started working for big names such as Guerlain and Christian Dior and eventually found her way working in a Spa. She had worked a total of 7 years in the beauty industry until she finally realised her niche and what she wanted for herself in terms of beauty: to converge and bridge beauty and wellbeing as one.


The Holistic Place, “Enjoy the Art of Aging Gracefully with Us!”

Ms. Angelyn, The Founder of Aroma Works (nka The Holistic Place), has more than 18 years of experience in the beauty and holistic industry… As a sincere, meticulous person and passionate in her work, she stresses on the importance of having personalized and customized treatment that truly engages each individual needs with her wholistic approach. Hence at The Holistic Place, one can expects to release stress and tension from the ‘ASAP’ world outside, to get reconnect with self and enjoy an exquisite range of anti-aging treatment and care.

Certified as an Aromatherapist from I.F.A. (International Federation of Aromatherapy), Completed her Diploma in MLD (Manual Lymphatic Drainage) with Joanna Hoare. A holistic practitioner, trainer and author, she is also trained in.

Her simple philosophy lies in AMP:


holistic_place_2Approach: Natural Healing and Aromatherapy amalgamated with MLD (Manual Lymphatic Drainage) and Massage…

Her immense experience of using a combination of specially concocted potion delivers great results for treatment of any skin conditions.



holistic_place_3Methodology: Each treatment starts with precise and meticulous observation and care…where the evaluation allows the assessment of each individual’s skin problems and needs. Next, the concoction of a “Cocktail” of customized potion, using the finest quality skincare products.




holistic_place_4Principle: She believes that it should be an essential for each to look after their skin and facial is simply not just on vanity…she hopes to inspire each man and woman to be responsible for their path in delaying the process of aging, resulting in a more beautiful you…





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 The Athena Network Singapore - Executive Member

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