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Amanda Blum

If there is anyone who can view this world from a candid, authentic, deep and yet romantic perspective, mixing business with heart, it will be writer and storyteller Amanda Blum. Follow this muse on her page www.facebook.com/amandablumthewriter or visit her website www.amandablum.com for her business with heart series. Contact her for your own business feature and to tell your story.


We help you build a powerful brand built on impactful stories. Check us out for:

Brand discovery
Brand storytelling workshops
Story crafting
Video storytelling (brand story, recruitment, company culture, social outreach, documentaries)
Content strategy and planning
Web content & articles
Book and copy editing

Why Brand Storytelling?


We always hear whoever tells the best story wins and that content is king. Without a doubt, good stories and good content always win.

Stories are the only thing that has the power to capture people’s hearts and inspire action. No amount facts and figures can touch a good story. Telling great stories and creating compelling content is our speciality. It’s what we do for work, for play and for love.


With an in-depth understanding of branding, content marketing, business strategy and the ingredients of a great story (and a huge dose of creative obsession) we help businesses get heard and build impactful brands.

About us:


Project Unsung Heroes is a women-led, socially driven, storytelling creative agency. Our branding and multimedia packages tells brand stories in a way they’ve never been told and delivers content that connects with an audience, every time.

We help brands build loyal advocates through authentic storytelling and original content while building our social arm that seeks to empower the world with heartfelt social documentaries designed to strategically generate awareness and mobilise action to further worthy causes.

We know stories move people. We’ve experienced the magic and connection they can create and it is our mission to bring out the very best in every story we tell, engineering creative ways to positively impact the community. Whether it’s fundraising for orphanages, fostering an empathy campaign, helping to shelter stray animals or feed needy families, all of our work has an underlying social impact, directly or not.  We are always looking to collaborate with likeminded individuals and companies and find win-win solutions to further our social mission.

We believe in the power of storytelling to humanise brands and build an unparalleled relationship audiences – from employees to target audience and general public. We use stories to bring about real connection as well as real business results.

You can watch our social stories. Let us tell your story too.

We’d love to hear from you, contact us:

Brand storyteller: amanda@projectunsungheroes.com
Strategist & Partnerships: ame@projectunsungheroes.com
Filmmaker: Eileen@projectunsungheroes.com



The Athena Network Singapore - Executive Member

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